I understood that the Autumn is constantly changing:
Residual scent is not the old Autumn’s sign,
Drop of water standing hesitantly at the top of wilting leaf
Release yourself in the dark,
Thrilled with hard-to-say joys,
The purity embraces the mud.

You are here, I am here,
Just a moment later “we were”…
Life has another new Autumn again
The fallen leaves carpet for some people to go to
The sound of afternoon flutters the marsh surface

Only one colour is clearest in the dark:
Black lotus leaf and droplet infused with black
The thought of you touching my word:
Every night colour becomes crystal!
This Autumn moment, please remember
Remember for me, there will be times when I forget
If we no longer meet each other,
be with you
Is a beautiful memory that can’t ever be replaced…

"Xin anh đừng hỏi vì sao
Tên anh em để lẫn vào trong thơ..."