Covid 19

Who weaved the Covid 19 spread around the world?
For the vaccine penetrate into the person to change the gene pair
Then I hate the pain of death, poverty, ignorance, and speechlessness
I want to be deaf and can't hear anything around me, I want to be a cobblestone
I want to transform the sad and crying image into ice
When loved ones are gone, we can go, go and go
Oh the mask is on the throne, the maiden doesn't need makeup
Humanity is dying, we are moving away from you, the threat is high like a top of the mountain, the corpses are being burning, the season of humanity is too fragile!
Well, if a soul going to the world, please don't come!
Do not reincarnate as a human being!
I am afraid of isolation when I hear dogs barking, people come and take people away, people isolate people
I'm afraid your lips are black, shaped like a leaf
Suddenly fell apart and let go of my hands
You close your eyes, I close my eyes, everyone closes their eyes
But the more I fear the soul also closes its eyes
Because I have never known Jesus Christ

Oh, my poetry hangs on the branches of the grass, the tops of the trees!
Poetry in the lonely roof, poetry in the hospital
Poetry can speak for us the words of love
But not the end of the magical world

Come back tomorrow, please cover your face!
When I come back tomorrow, please cover my face
Wash your hands with sanitizer
With soap and avoiding each other

The world is like without the sun of life
The days of positive gain are really lonely!
My ears want to go deaf because I have to hear a lot of suffering
My heart is hard because it contains pain
I am poor
My wife is poor
My child is poor
The world is poor
Which devils have come to earth?

After that the evil never stopped
What will the third world war be like?

The cries, the souls fleeing the city
Who planted the seeds of mourning?
I want to kill, I want to stab, I want to hate the pandemic
And we never needed another moment for the virus to harm the world

Please cover my poetry is a white blouse
Above all souls are dying!
Please put my poetry in the battle against the epidemic
My honey, if you still alive we have coffee, sit back!

In Tien Giang province, 2021