Dưới đây là các bài dịch của (Không rõ). Tuy nhiên, Thi Viện hiện chưa có thông tin tiểu sử về dịch giả này. Nếu bạn có thông tin, xin cung cấp với chúng tôi tại đây.


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Thời kỳ băng tan (Kim Min-jeong): Bản dịch của (Không rõ)

The thawing season

With a crack the ice breaks.
Our long waiting is over now.
It’s the spring with pussy willows
which open their drowsy eyes.
By sunshine, silence has been shocked;
flower buds bloom ruddily

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Trước thác nước (Kim Min-jeong): Bản dịch của (Không rõ)

In front of the waterfall

Whether you fly like the birds,
or you disperse as droplets,
do not speak too casually
that it is your liberty.
Hush your mouth, if you haven’t fallen
directly from so high

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Thông đồng bén giọt (Kim Min-jeong): Bản dịch của (Không rõ)

To communicate well

The stone means that all goes well,
so I brought it onto my desk.
Passing by it, I greet the stone
with my eyes, to communicate.
Truthfulness means becoming one
to show the truth so obviously

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Chuyến dạo chơi đầu tiên (Kim Min-jeong): Bản dịch của (Không rõ)

The first outing

Unfolding spring scenery,
a bird beats its wings briskly.
With a dream of flying high,
the young bird soars into the air.
Inner leaves shoot out of tall trees,
hanging down from the clouds.

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Rằm tháng giêng (Kim Min-jeong): Bản dịch của (Không rõ)

The 15th of the first lunar month

The sun shines on clear small veins,
making me feel exhilarated.
Like breaking nuts on the big day,
I open spring from the nutshell.
The full moon rises early, too,
as if to grant all my wishes.

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Sạn đạo thuỷ tinh - Tại núi Cheon-mun (Kim Min-jeong): Bản dịch của (Không rõ)

Cliffside glass path - At Mt. Tyenmeon

The sky is far above the clouds;
below the path, there’s a steep cliff.
I walk barefoot on the glass path,
like floating high in mid air.
My life too seems to be weightless;
my shoulders heave as I walk.

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Buổi sáng ngày xuân sớm (Kim Min-jeong): Bản dịch của (Không rõ)

The morning of early spring

The laughing sound of green leaves
is tickling early spring rain.
It does sound like comforting
everything that’s dry and cold.
The hot kiss upon the dry land;
they’re fervently on the same side.

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Nhà thơ (Kim Min-jeong): Bản dịch của (Không rõ)

A poet is

A poet needs to see the world
by removing his sunglasses.
He should listen attentively
to the words of a passing wind.
He should make himself much better
by dwelling on his thoughts.

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Nụ cười rạng rỡ (Kim Min-jeong): Bản dịch của (Không rõ)

A laughter diet

You’ll get thrills in your five senses;
like popcorns, you’ll burst out laughing.
O please stop your hurried steps
and go over with light steps.
Laughter helps flabby muscles be gone.
O please see wide-open smiles!

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Mây trên biển (Kim Min-jeong): Bản dịch của (Không rõ)

A sea of clouds

Cotton clouds get together;
each of them hides what is shameful.
Leafless trees, the valley,
and some footsteps are still seen.
Bit by bit, puffing out their chests,
the clouds cover all the mountains.

Trang trong tổng số 57 trang (562 bài trả lời)
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