Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh
Thời kỳ: Hiện đại

Đăng bởi Phan Quốc Vũ vào 07/07/2023 08:24, đã sửa 1 lần, lần cuối bởi Phan Quốc Vũ vào 10/07/2023 09:26

Sonnet 08

Winter can’t tear my novaturient full heart
But it's all nice poetry, music night
Crystal enamel and diamond part
Incubating a dream, wonderful light!

That treasure was like a cute young lady
Floating in poetry and sea of sighs
Please give me more rose yeast, it was happy
More cupid with the luminary eyes!

Serendipity, she was wonderful
I was a poor painter, the waving stage
Dreaming of snowy white skin, it’s moonful
With a hundred strong horses, the man age

The wine cellar of love, it was precious
Peeled off the scent, soft and mellifluous.

In Tien Giang province, 2023