The shield and sword of the Lord

O God, being my God forever!
You are eternal, You exist and You are the Lord of unrivaled leadership
Your shield and sword dazzle me every corner of my life
My enemies have never wanted me to exist in the world
Those are Satan and accomplices; those who want to suppress Your truth
If I have merit, justice, integrity and intelligence as well
You will surely be with me
Because You really hated the utter deceit and the lie
No one has ever been like You who are a just judge on the whole earth, considering both kings and lords
Satan is testing me, molding my knowledge of You
Please clear the way for me passing through hardships
In the end, it is not easy following You!
You always prepare a solution for my situation
Rain is favorable in the Spring
Rain is favorable in the Summer
Rain is favorable, then Autumn
I also need favorable rain, Winter too
If I ask for all the blessings, who will receive the weak things?
So You go on giving and not giving in Your will forever
I am good at pleading for the respectful things, which means I am weak
Please forgive me for my bad desires!
Is my greed a sinkhole waiting for me to come?
You stopped me, I became angry
Wow, God, I need to be awake to myself!
And all people who are the servants of the Lord You must be alert to the Words that You taught.