A Quan Ho Canh was uncompleted

A Quan Ho 1 Canh was uncompleted
The boat at the station didn’t cross this bank
Reciprocating charm you sang, I’m amorous
But your charm my charm weren’t together.

The Quan Ho Canh 2 was disturbed
To long for someone that stand then sitting aimlessly
The boat still was anchored forlornly
All the waves lapped against the bank were vanished.

The Quan Ho Canh was passionated
Night. We sang that vodka became tasteless, waning teas
The real life but like a dream
To get lost in Dao Nguyen turning Thien Thai. 3
Let small bamboo branchs grab apricot branchs
Let Loan Phuong 4 eat mangoes in the forest
Then made one’s heart faded away
Made one’s eyes waited in desperation, eagerly expecting.

Charm still remain, like fresh rose flower
Made the audience was in love with singing
In the future although we were apart
Keep every singing in our mind to remember each other.

Time - exposed to rain and winds
Other bank landslided that this bank was pained
Farewell giving bit of acrid betel with areca
Like giving warmth of day that we didn’t forget;
Promised that at the appointed time would arrive
Unexpectedly the station was deserted,the boat was across.

A Quan Ho Canh was uncompleted
Expected line, waiting line with the boat had crossed…

1.Quan Ho: Quan Ho folk songs in Bac Ninh province and Bac Giang provinces, Vietnam. Different kinds of Quan Họ 3 main types of Quan Họ • Hát Canh: singing at a host’s house • Hát Thờ: singing at rituals • Hát Hội: singing at festivals.
2. Quan Ho Canh / Hát Canh: Singing at a host’s house has three phases including giọng Lề lối (standard tune), giọng Vặt (variety tune) and giọng Giã bạn (farewell tune) types.
3.Dao Nguyen, Thien Thai: Elysium in China.(In Vietnam, Thien Thai mountain is a mountain located in Bac Ninh province)
4.Loan Phuong: a couple of bird aren’t real, it is sacred object.