It’s murky end of the Autumn
The north-east wind is softly flying
Peonies silently have tears welled up in
Banyan leaves falling out of its branch

Brown blouse at a glance as if –
Fertile silt on side of the river
Sorrowing evening bells spread surface of water
Prayers beat of wooden-bell is hesitant

Youth see off and meet spring season
Mother is glad her daughter has grown
The beautiful hair cover in wasp waist
Then daydream of ruby lips, cherry liqueur

The time, water flows under the bridge
Someone’s front garden areca spadices blew
Blue sky betel leaves 1 are more green
But the life of her was uncompleted

That day when herself clean-shaven head 2
Cut off a part of the body
This bank of river land was tumbled
That sank into the river like boiling

There is someone’s sweeping yellow leaves
Oh the wind don’t shake trees please
In pagoda yard areca spadices become fruits
Banyan leaves fell down the banyan root!

1. Betel and areca to be considered as betrothal gifts.
2.To share one’s head in oder to become a monk or a nun.