Evening star Morning star

I am the Evening star
You are the Morning star
Both together remember with love
Therefore are sleepless all night.

Evening the east you miss…
Morning the west I expect…
Miss each other are bright
In the west, the east.

Glitteringly in the high sky
Starlight like glint of eyes
We met together that evening
Heard our heart beat pressingly;

Then you saw me off
Way as you share half
Dew begins down dusk fall
Alas, Evening star how miss!

Time – the vicissitudes of life
Life like rapidity of time
Starlight is ray of light
For men are going away.

Miss the east I come
At sea waves are hubbub
Meet each other to be dawn
Two stars but one star*.

*Note: Evening star appears in the evening (at the sun set), Morning star
appears in the early morning, in fact it is merely Venus-star.