I will be back

I will be back to our hometown
To see the Ma River
To admire Nguyet Vien dozing off by the stream
A ship is sailing in the sea

I depart from the village
A blade of grass on the way also reminds hometown
Here is Hon Trong Mai
And there is Doc Cuoc Temple

I don’t know how old the tamarind trees is
Their trunks, gnarled and rough
Where a swinging hammock tied
Where branches filled with stained fruits and leaves

I will be back to see you, mum
The last autumn leaf
in my hands, warm and callousy
Soothes the city wound

Tomorrow I will be back to see you, mum
Spring blooming in the field of reeds

“Đi qua một góc địa đàng
Mới hay trời đất cũng mang tên mình”
                                              ~Niê A Dũng