I love you, Ha Noi
with the windy autumn
with the birds flying in the sunlight on Hong river
Guom lake always remembers one old promise
giving back the golden dragon and the precious sword
to the people
to the earth and the heaven
just keeps the loving words
I love you, Ha Noi
with the waves’ ve been lapping into the time for one thousand years  
with Hong river is freshing endlessly
with West lake lotuses are blossoming,
the coots are swimming, diving and joking with king-fishers.
How bluish-green is the bottom of the lake in autumn
and the top of the sky in summer!
How dazed I feel
when I take a walk with you this afternoon!
Yeah, how loving is this afternoon!
One thousand years is very amazing!
The impatient milk flowers
are as white as the loving and the missing.
How purple are lagerstroemia flowers!
I remember the day I left you,
didn’t know the day I would come back.
Oh what a long time I’ve gone!
I’ve gone for a long time
Oh how I missed you
Oh how I loved you
the girl has been waiting for me in the rain.
Who knows that there’s today
for you anh for me
taking a walk with each other
along the fragrance road
in Hong river’s tender wind.
- Honey, look, this is Ha Noi
with the wind of one thousand years blowing
with the sunlight of one thousand years shining
with the rain of one thousand years falling
with you, the trees of one thousand years rustling.

Ha Noi, 4 Oct, 2009