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Dreamy poet

I’ve never thought I would become a poet
I chanced to write some poems
I never dreamt of doing such a thing
When I was a fourteen
My hope was a boy filled with ambition
(My wish was a full-ambitioned boy)
I’d like to succeed in life
If I were a bird, I would travel around the world
And if I were a star, I would be the most wonderful star
So, I penned a dreamy poem:
“If I were…”
If I were the ocean, I would blue
If I were a wave, I would be boundless wave
If I were the sun, I would be the dawn
If I were the moon, I would be a full moonlight
If I were the light, I would be the light of crystal
If I were the wind, I would be sweet wind
If I were the rain, I would be cool rain
If I were a green forest, I would be a grandiose spruce
If I were a poet, I would be a dreamy poet.

Nguồn: Think about the poetic rhymes, NXB Thanh niên, 2000