New hope

My great honey!
Tomorrow is all things, they will change like the clouds and wind
Blue sky gives hope to be human
Opportunity as well as destiny given by God
Like an overflowing sea that boiling with fragrances
Like a volcano pouring out lava
I light up billions of suns
The path opening to crystal and jade
Don’t be sad like black stone in a dark night
A good life, good human conduct will welcome honey to flow into our lives

Today’s suffering is not despair
Tomorrow, the universe will shine with diamonds
So do not despise an open mind
Forgiveness for the whole world
Even though there are people who despise and ridicule
I am still the wonderful ruby heart
Until one day will be bloomed its own beauty.

Certificate of Gold Award to Han Quoc Vu, Thursday challenge, theme: Another Day, Another Chance, given this 14th day of March 2022 by United Poet @ Heart.