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Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh
Thời kỳ: Hiện đại

Đăng bởi Phan Quốc Vũ vào 13/07/2023 20:55, đã sửa 1 lần, lần cuối bởi Phan Quốc Vũ vào 13/07/2023 20:58

Hopeful Christmas

I am not alone when I look at God, when I followed in His footsteps
Those are not simple steps
By faith and great trial

Oh, there are big waves and storms in the sea!
But He did not leave me like a lifeless person
No matter what happens in my heart, there will always be an intimacy garden

He believed me through the trial
My gold and silver are my body, my soul
So I firmly believe that I will never fall into the hole

Not only does He love me, He also wants me to grow up to be great
Not a sprout, but a glorious great tree
This is what I really want to see

Christmas has taught me many valuable things
The cold is gone and the sun is shining
After the pain is over, happiness will be overflowing, the spring will be blooming

After all the hard work, there is nothing left to suffer
Oh, hope is on the wheel, great athlete!
Then it’s time for happiness in our hands to meet.

In Tien Giang province, 2021