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Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh
Thời kỳ: Hiện đại

Đăng bởi Phan Quốc Vũ vào 13/07/2023 20:26

Being kicked by you

Being kicked by a horse, I hurt and cursed day and night, for months
Being kicked by you, I pretended to be painless
and silently sucked on the bitter fruit of love
Baby, with foreshadowing, what was there to prosper in life?
When I didn’t have a blessing
The margin of broken heart was echoing
And ocean waves were not nutrition
If I had a salty steak or a salty sandwich
Did I increase my vivid strength or not?
So life has not been rich since you disappeared
Who favored me a poor poet in the city
Cycling for a lifetime of communication
Noble people saw me as a stupid coward
The generosity of poetry and music
Couldn’t open your sweet arms
I was softened in my mind
A poignant poetry prince died and fell into the sea of life
Didn’t give me your bitter pity!
I hoped to make me the smallest
Your kindness, I considered wasteful
With the mind-hungry giant of subtly love
Disappointed calf brought back to make the moon virtual brain.

In Tien Giang province, 2023