NGUYEN ANH NONG

I take you to my hometown in the old sunlights which make the rice stubbles and traws yellow
The coconut trees are quivering their coconut leaves cheerfully to welcome us
A mischivious calf jumps and runs in a friendly way
The river is indifferent or flurried or dazed…?
I know I'm not a perfect person
because I miss you, I love you and I feel harassed endlessly
You have waited for me tiredly during our love season
I do have feelings to you therefore I feel rather perplexed
Oh my dear, being a solder's wife, how many times we meet each other
and how precious that gold moment is?
We visit our paternal hometown, then maternal hometown
A step on the train, a step on the bus, a step is low, a step is high
A wind is still a wind,
inside my soul, there is a sound of singing
Suddenly, I hear the horn of the ship to my ears
Oh, god, the horn of the ship makes me startle
because I think that we are seeing off each other.

                   Hanoi, 09/01/2005

Dịch ngày: 18.3.2008