(to Nguyen Ngoc Dau)

I haven't been hungry for a long time
Therefore I'm getting fatter and fatter
My everyday is as cheerful as a party
Everywhere I come, there's brandy and tea…


I remember the day we were at the border
All of us were pale, yellow and skinny
We seemed very pitiful living alone in the forest's corner
We looked at the moon, desired for the sound of whispering…

Now I live in a very crowded city
Oh god, people are as many as the ants
I try to look for and meet some old friends
Then my innermost feelings is lightened

Lying with my hand on my forehead, I feel sorry for my friend
And I feel there's something wrong in this life
We used to be peaceful in those difficult days
But now we are unhappy in these easy days

I know each of us has his own fate
But why I'm still puzzled?
Embracing my friend, I embrace his snore too
Outside, by the verandah, there's a quiet golden moon.

Hanoi, 02/04/2004

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