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Thể thơ: Thơ tự do
Thời kỳ: Hiện đại

Đăng bởi Phan Quốc Vũ vào 04/01/2017 13:38

Praise ye the Lord! Praise ye the Lord!
O my God! I don’t need to flatter anybody
I don’t need to tell a lie
When everything which you give me will be full of riches
My Father! I seek you like the desert waiting for the water
Your holy arm is moving
It means you will save me or take my soul
My guitar is echoing
You will judge the evil earth
Not long, not long; not far, not far
O my rock! It’s you the Lord always takes care of me
My eyes are blind
My heart is blind
My ears are deaf
But you still live with me
My tears pouring down
You clean them and pour comfort into my heart
I am not alone
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Every day I sing a great song about you
About your great things in the world or in the universe
O the cosmos! Sing a song for the Lord because everything is by the Lord!
Wickedness of the peoples will be cut off
Nobody can be against your thought

Cái Bè, Tiền Giang, 2017