Not knowing God

Before the day I walked into His house, knelt and believed in the Lord
God to me is not in the world, not in the Heaven there
But the Lord knew I would come and open my brain
A skull contains a brain that many have not used
The world now is just like me, do not care, do not know Him
Not even believing in Him because they were in delusion:
They think that the death is everything will be lost
Never knew that the soul and body would be resurrected before His judgment
Even know whether to ignore and rebellion
The Lord recruited the Israelites and also recruited the Gentiles
Jesus, not for no reason, He was hung from a cross!
His blood shed to save the whole world
Everyone who believes in JESUS is saved
Repent because the Lord’s second coming is near, so close, so close!
His angelic trumpet echoed throughout the distance
Notificating for His people saved
Who are you? Who will save people when they are left?
What is your soul like?
All wide roads and easy paths lead to death
The Lamb - Jesus is the unexpectedly Christ will come

I used to quibble: There is no God, there is no God?
So whose breath do I breathe?
Whose land is this?
Whose fruit and fish meat?
Whose glass of chicken eggs?
Then I will be more fallacious: The computer has, Facebook has, and His Spirit shunned me?
If I knew Him without telling anyone, my sins would not be different from heartless people!
The lord will come without any army to win
Just bustling and unparalleled power
We once was people on earth
Once lived by the mortal body
Once to die
One that time, not sure to be a saint
Do you have to endure forever?
Oh, I plead to the Most High God!
Save, save, save as many Vietnamese people as possible
Oh, the whole heaven sings in happiness because the souls back!
Find peace where not far away, at that Protestant church
Will pray and teach religion
Search for God’s word in His bible
God is prepared everything in every person’s heart want to question
And will be the children of the Most High.