Forever a madman - Composer: Pham Ha Vu (Damaged)
Written in free verse
From childhood
I have become so crazy
A young person with autism like me has no friends or relatives to play with
So far
I have successfully evolved myself in my family and society
But the rain of criticism is still ahead
So... I’ll just go back to my old ugly appearance
To transform into a madman.
Turns out, it’s all just a war
Not a light conflict

A month of being cursed
One month of beggar
Nine days home late
Eight days hostage
My head is so bald
Vibration lost four teeth
My face is bruised
The pain is deeper
The more extravagant I look, the uglier I’ll be
I thought to myself: When will I be handsome again?
So my body turns 16 years old
If I go to college, when will my beauty improve
Had to beg for the whole year, worked as hired labor for the whole month
Being chased by the community for many days
Until now, I still follow you and study together
To prepare with us for life
But my aesthetic has not been restored yet
After years of perfecting myself
I suddenly thought again:
Everyone has the right to be beautiful
And the accompanying criterion is human morality
“Dear parents,
You are as big and tall, beauty and morality are possible
In many stages full of difficulties
Who can beautify?
Is AI brave enough?

What I wonder about is just wishful thinking
I was beaten, beaten until I died
But because of the Buddhist door, I can live again
The desire to live will apply to society
Those madnesses, I’ll get rid of them
My beauty, I will improve quickly
I will grow up, grow up forever and will immerse myself in a beautiful life right in the heart of the capital
And no one in this city knows where their parents are.