A woman upon dusk

A collection of sadness on her sleeves
Accepts loneliness from the bottom of her heart the desires
A woman
Brought forth yearning upon dusk
Weaving a hammock of clouds
Eddies of an endearing lullaby

Please speak not of today’s sunset
It’s like tea brewed the day before
Speak not of this woman
As the faltering heart of a leaf falls upon dusk

Please measure not loneliness with yearning
A woman’s breath have touched upon the afternoon
The moon’s heart
Speak not of the streets
Purple with crepe myrtle
Cicadas will be loss for word
Easter lilies calling upon the summer
A woman taking the hold of the dusk

“Đi qua một góc địa đàng
Mới hay trời đất cũng mang tên mình”
                                              ~Niê A Dũng