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Những nụ hôn đêm qua (Nguyễn Lãm Thắng): Bản dịch của Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

Last night’s kiss

a kiss left behind upon the leaves damp with dew
I’m peeling off each thoughtful verse waiting for the light
the wind rushing kisses upon the branches
I’ve have but left you for a moment
                                         and it feels like forever

last night
the moon couldn’t sleep
                  haunted by the kisses
hence this morning
             it’s all googly eyed perched on top of the buildings

last night
the mosquitoes overwhelmed by the scent of lilies marched across the verandah
they have no thought of biting
they were solemn
as we kissed each other

last night
the golden leaf has no desire of falling
pumping its chest up
   the shades of chlorophyll

last night
I’ve replaced my blood with yours
the world inside me
                     there’s no more day or night

Ảnh đại diện

Những con chim mất trí nhớ (Nguyễn Lãm Thắng): Bản dịch của Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

The birds have lost their mind

they forget their own voice
tongue tied
they’re void of the memory of moonlit nights
thinking it’s daylight
mid the night shivering in the icy wind
disorientated by the midday storm
the fallen leaves
hallucinating apparitions of their divine ancestors
mid the night
the call of an owl
the bird call eerie in waves
yearning for the origin
void of feather plucking
shitty eaves
in hate spy on one another
on the other side, the edge of enlightenment
on this side a reedy bank
overhead the breeze
in a thousand years, the earth spins still
the chicken scuffling
the roster turning
we shall tell each other how the Sun is death
there is nothing left of our mind but dreams

Ảnh đại diện

Có chi mô nà! (Nguyễn Lãm Thắng): Bản dịch của Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

Much ado about nothing

Yeah, it’s much ado about nothing
So sad that’s it’s depressing
Thoughts of today mixed up with tomorrow’s
The present overwhelmed by old sorrows

The homeland in our dreams
Awake in a thousand dreams it seems
Life is a list of unfortunate events
The clinging dust and muck never ends

To live a lifetime to then forget
The bloody yearning the aching beget
Death preferred
Hence, life in parts shorter

Happiness can be rather tedious
Shortening one’s life it’s obvious
Endearment does not equates to love
Nor love equates to all the above

Dear God, such colourful lives
On one’s last breath, no mention of goodbyes
To truly live means nigh.

Trang trong tổng số 1 trang (3 bài trả lời)