After her husband had died, she took care of the children alone,

working very hard therefore her youth was gone.
The life of one hundred years always changes,

people tried to make a living and everything was ok.
She used to have a family, then she had nothing,

her life was bitter because her destiny was unlucky.
From the early morning to the late evening, she was in and out alone,

didn't care for the happiness in sweet homes of others'.

There she sat, remembering the old story

in which there was a bird singing to fool... somebody!

My sister had a very unlucky fate,

she looked like a boat sailing in the strong current.

I went back home on the anniversary of my brother's death,

she sat there, praying with the endlessness...

-"My sis!" - I  called.

"A di the Buddha!" - she answered, dazedly,

when she saw a familiar image.

That was it, that was her belief,

the world of human-beings, the world of Buddha,

I didn't know which one to rely on?

The world of heaven, the world of earth were pure and noble,

I knelt down to bow the world of... thousands of autum!