Thank You, Dear,
Last Lover

Thank you, dear,
for being the shadow
in which I might hide all my life.
Thank you, night.
Though yet in darkness,
how could I ever forget you?

Heart whispering,
piercing ache,
a life spent urgently seeking each other.
Thank you , dear,
my last lover,
for letting me know first love.

You are the night
in which I find sanctuary.
There the wound seems to have healed.
You are the knife.
I ooze blood.
Even now the cut remains intact.

That you may have a apart
in the remnants,
I give you an even share of me.
All the lovers I’ve known
still weep,
sharing tears they shed,

Translate by James Banerian
Original Title Cảm Ơn Em, Người Tình Cuối