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Người (Nguyễn Anh Nông): Bản dịch của Nguyen Thi Bich Nga


A human-being
a person
then turns into lots of people
The far and green outerspace is very close
A speck of dust has the shape of the mountain
A grain of rice – is the pride of the mental power
The soft wind's footsprints have the storm's spirit
The confidence trills like the sound of music
Stirring but it can't be muddied
Blending but it can't be melted
Sparkling, illusory
A human-being – the creation
Human-beings have the real magic
Like the moonlights
Like the sunlights
Like the scent of jasmines
Like the gorgeous lotuses
Like the high passes
Like the deep abysses
Like me
Like you
Like a drop of ink goes up to the fragrance.

Năm dịch: 2008
Ảnh đại diện

Soi gương (Nguyễn Anh Nông): Bản dịch của Nguyen Thi Bich Nga



Who is sitting immensely in front of me?
With two eyes – like the wings of a ghostly butterfly?
With a straight nose,
Two lips are swollen, and the teeth look like green corn?
And, a tongue is full of winds and waves?


Is it really me?
Or someone is very familiar?
I still meet him joking by the stream everyday
or swimming in the clean, blue water?
He's different from the lotuses due to the fragrance
He's different from the lilies because of the color
He's different from the bell thanks to the sound
He's different from people because of something people never have.


Is it really me?
A fickle, bewildered shadow
can't be far a half of step from me?
Clothes and rice – an invisible string
ties my life into a dreamy reed
Quiveringly, the truth is ascended the crown
Dirt and mud's thought is fragrant with the spice
Love – the slave
Is it really me – a dreamy camel
totterily steps across the millennium?
The clouds are flying in that mirror
The wind is singing all over the virgin cave?
The sun is so bright in the present time
I turn into a flower or a flower turns into me?


(Ngày dich: 9/3/2008)

Trang trong tổng số 1 trang (2 bài trả lời)