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02.11.2022 ~ All Soul Day, 3rd Day of the All-Hallow-Tide

The Allhallowtide also called Hallowtide Triduum includes big three days: the Halloween or Hallows Evening on Oct 31, the All Saints Day on Nov 1 and the All Souls Day on Nov 2. Together, the three days are celebrated as Allhallowtide Feast of collective commemoration and connection: time for honoring all saints and praying for all souls. For some, Hallowtide Triduum also signals the end of harvest time when the collected fruits (from our humanity works) are transited/transformed into the spiritual seeds for sowing. Embracing the reconciliatory bond of the light [awareness-consciousness] and the darkness [blindness-unconsciousness], the Allhallowtide ritual prompts the hope of working toward individual awareness, flourishing of our inner [soul-heart-body-mind], and moving forward to partake in the holy communion to collectively sustain the humanity’s heavenly body and everlasting life.