Consolation at the beach (tiếng Anh)

Come on, don’t cry…
Childhood is lost.
Youth is lost.
But life is not lost.

The first love is over.
The second love is over.
The third love is over.
But the hurt goes on.

You have lost your best friend.
You haven’t tried any traveling.
You won no house, ship, or land.
But you look at the sea.

You haven’t written the perfect book.
You haven’t read the best books
Nor have you love music enough.
But you own a dog.

A few harsh words,
In a low voice, have hurt you,.
Never, never have they healed.
But what about humor?

There is no resolution for injustice.
In the shadow of this wrong world
You have whispered a timid protest.
But others will come.

All summed up, you should
Throw yourself — once and for all — into the waters.
You are naked on the sand, in the wind…
Sleep, my son.