Talk with you

I know it was accustomed
Loving has no importance
The matching of two strangers
To share the joy and sorrow.
I daren`t think love is forever
Or tomorrow will be together?
The pain seems like never end
But it`ll replace the joy oneday.
Today we talk love, tomorrow
The others used to talk `bout it
Life has limitation, I know
The poem won’t stay forever.
But now you`re with me
The happiness between us is real
Like a hung-on-wall shirt, like a page
Like flowers blooming front the house.
I know that when you`re far away
Your love to me like to our hometown
Like the shade on the sunny road
Or the fragrant fruit on the arid land.
That`s what I wanna talk, love
The origin of the hopes
The goodness to keep the life
To make people get closer.