Lovers talk (tiếng Anh)

– We’ve been here an hour
But you always come up with the same old answer;
You want to drive me crazy with your jokes
But I know them by heart.
Don’t you like my mouth? Don’t you like my eyes?
– Of course I like your eyes.
– Then why don’t you kiss them?
– I am going to kiss them!
– Don’t you like my thighs or my breasts?
– What do you mean, I don’t like your breasts!
– Then why don’t you show it?
Touch them, while you have the chance.
– I don’t like for you to make me do it.
– Then whey did you make me undress?
– I didn’t tell you to undress.
You did it because you wanted it:
Now get dressed, before your husband comes home.
Stop talking and put your clothes on
Before your husband comes home.