I have been wont to bear my forehead high--
My stubborn temper yields with no good grace.
The king himself might look me in the face,
And yet I would not downward cast mine eye.

But I confess, dear mother, openly,
However proud my haughty spirit swell,
When I within thy blessed presence dwell,
Oft am I smit with shy humility.

Is it thy soul, with secret influence,
Thy lofty soul piercing all shows of sense,
Which soareth, heaven-born, to heaven again?

Or springs it from sad memories that tell
How many a time I caused thy dear heart pain,
Thy gentle heart, that loveth me so well!


In fond delusion once I left thy side;
Unto the wide world's end I fain would fare,
To see if I might find Love anywhere,
And lovingly embrace Love as a bride.

Love sought I in all paths, at every gate;
Oft and again outstretching suppliant palms,
I begged in vain of Love the slightest alms,
But the world laughed and offered me cold hate.

Forever I aspired towards Love, forever
Towards Love, and ne'ertheless I found Love never,--
And sick at heart, homeward my steps did move.

And lo! thou comest forth to welcome me;
And that which in thy swimming eyes I see,
That is the precious, the long-looked-for Love.

Bản dịch tiếng Anh của Emma Lazarus (1849-1887), in trong Poems and Ballads of Heinrich Heine (1881).