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Nơi con sông (Võ Quê): Bản dịch của Ngo Vinh Hai and Kevin Bowen

I returned to the old city
to where the silver flood waters once overflowed
to memories of an afternoon far past,
to our native town, your and mine.

That beautiful day still alive in my mine:
you and your white hat, the afternoon light in the small street,
your purple dress, your long hair fluttering in the wind,
and the church bells sounding a thousand times

Old city destroyed in the war.
I ache for your every small street,
ache as if my blood ran through those flamboyant  flowers,
part of me falling away with lost petal.

But in my dream the city was untouched,
the streets were alive, riplling like waves.
Your smile was a rose just blossoming;
And your eyes burned like stars through my heart.

How I miss those flowing waters,
a past that can never return,
your look in the weak winter light,
the long reeds leaning on the far side of the river.

How memories and longing fill my heart;
how the old city fills my mind;
how my love for you has remained with the years,
And my hair grown gray like the tall reed flowers.

Ảnh đại diện

Lời biết ơn ngọn lửa (Võ Quê): Bản dịch của Y Nhi

Gratitude to the fire

Grateful to fire offering for life
Fire of meek heart, of thy lips shine
Grateful to form and non-form fire
Each smallest time point"s equalized
To each rainbow of Ying and Yang
Grateful to fire of holy land
The warm and fragrant silk which hangs
Grateful to fire of twighlight boat
River glitters, oar calls moon soul
Gratefut to lotus candles fire
Pull stars down Huong stream to confide
Grateful to fire of day-break lights
Which show rotatory twilight
Grateful to all the evening stars
Giving up place for morning stars
Which bright the origin of mass
Grateful to light of wonderland
Sun raises retrospective moon fire, then

Trang trong tổng số 1 trang (2 bài trả lời)

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