The violent and the smooth
The noisy and the silent
Rivers don’t know that thing
So waves go to the sea

Alas! waves of in the past
And in the future are unchangingly
Aspiration for love to be
Restless in the young bosom

Before no end of marine waves
I think about you, me
I think about open sea
Where do waves come from?

Waves begin at the wind
Where does wind begin from?
I still have not known
When we love each other

The waves under the sea bed
The waves on the water
Alas! The waves think of shore
Daytime and night can’t sleep
My heart think to you
Even in a dream still sleepless

Though go down in the north
Though go against in the south
Wherever I also think to
Face to you – only one direction

To be out the ocean
Hundred thousand of that waves
Any wave all arrives shore
Though far away of obstacle

The life though is long so
Years months still elapse over
Like the sea though very wide
Clouds still fly to go further

How can I be dissolved
To be numberless the small waves
In the open sea of love
For them thousand years still lap.