Talk with Waiting Husband rock

- Go home oh you!
Feeling of muster penetrated into every door leaf
Why do you still stand in the rain-wind
Solitary mid cloud and sky?

- So where do I put words
Promised with the man I long for him?

- That man never come back any more
How were some thousand years very transient?
Country have experienced hundred battles of war
Loses, obtains great change…

- All human knew my body become rock
But haven’t known I harden into rock belief
Harden into rock my solitary
And the whole waiting time!

- But you can not wait any longer
Day that man come back
Nobody can know as I knew that thing
Nobody can know as I knew sufferings of
The wife wait her husband…

I become rock wait million times of waiting
For wives of all generations escape from waiting and hope.

Waiting Husband rock is a naturally shaped rock located on a hilltop in the province of Lang Son in Vietnam, it is called To Thi. According to a legend, To Thi is the faithful wife of a soldier who go to battlefield against the aggressor of the north. After the war’s over, that soldier still not go home yet. Therefore, every day, she carried their son, climbed up the mountain toward the north and looked for her husband. A month, two months and then no tear came from her eyes - she still stood there with their son, waiting. Years passed by and To Thi carried her son, turning into stone, facing to the north to wait for her husband forever.