The same race


In the eyes of snake, of course we also are snake race
tongue of crawl, creep
the shadows of night it ambushs at the dawn it is venom venom
to get used to lurk, waylay and to progress crookedly
obsolete stunted old things then it can shed with its skin
merely particularity of snake can’t shed with its skin

In the eyes of dogs-pack, can’t be other we also become their same race
with the fits of wild howl (voice of a man to be mad)
daytime is anxious when noisy raven, night is doze when hooting owls
eyes are fastened around fence
diminutive bark to bay at the moon or bark oneself its destiny
there was the bruised death with teeth-marks of the same race
there was the orphan footsteps to stray from the herd

In the eyes of bird we also are bird-race
also birdlike to walk one’s by two legs, but to differ birds
human can crawl and (whisper) to lose the bird human can’t fly
all one’s life cling each other on the ground

Who am I? question have already been old
and that thing only I know on my own
I am all of the race only a thing is completely different
I still have to be all one’s life to appear with my face!