SƠN TÂY’s old wall

I visited Sơn Tây’s old wall one afternoon
I secretly went looking for
The eyes of ancient people

Lots of fire and swords in the battle
Going up the mountains,
………….then going down..
The eyes full of tears seeking the missing fellow citizens
The dead bodies floating on the river
………and along the sidewalks
A burden on the shoulders, on the back
One arm with the knapsack, and one with the beloved
One side with the children, and one with the country
Shoulder the future, a heavy burden of heart
Sai Sơn mountain, the water puppet theater figured in the water
The Sun and the Moon bridges joined the hopes
Carrying rice on head to Tây Phương pagoda
Soft steps of graceful heels, whose eyes were gentle?
Whose eyes lit the ARHAT ?
Was it you who came back tonight?
So as to encourage people to do good, to punish the ill-will…………..The ghosts of soldiers
The drum resounding impressively
Resounding throughout the four directions

Sơn Tây’s venus happy with the white clouds
The pink cheeks..deserved praised for long time waiting
Together stepped, close to soldiers in green costumes
Full of bright hopes in the future

The child is now in the age of sixty
Advising the young generation about Sơn Tây's wall
Today has been started for many years before
This historical history bequeathed forever

Translated by NGỌC YẾN