The fire was flickering, the night was flickering,

the grass was tilting under your soft heels.

Who flew the moon lanterns floating beneath the sky,

you and I lost the way in the middle of the heaven?

The heaven: pebbles and stones were soft,

your voice was as sweet and tender as the ferment.

In the breeze, my love was as green as the leaves,

and as bright as the lights of fire.

The sound of gongs made me feel dazed,

oh god, the ground kept moving tilt.

I just sipped some drops of hard liquor,

my hands and my feet had their own problems.

Then the grass sang the songs of the wind,

the waves of Da river slapped tenderly,

the moon set, the fire died, the dews wetted my hair,

I heard the voice of night herons, thinking it was yours.

Dịch tháng 8 năm 2009