Đà River, the friendship region

            NGUYEN ANH NONG

The man who had thrown the first stone to stop Đà River went back to his old place
What did the letter want to say to one hundred years later?
The mountains were standing giantly
The rivers were singing softly
You dipped in water, your lovely feet walked tenderly
I felt dazed in front of the white arundinaceous canes.


168 Russian – Vietnamese engineers and workers
168 wonderful hearts
168 pairs of arms in millions arms
The friendship was collected
Made Đà River be glittering.
Where was I-A-Ly?
It was full of hot hearts of the friendship
Where was Tà Pú?
We went up to the mountain areas eagerly.
The sounds of giggling echoed from there
Winds were blowing, clouds and smoke were hanging about people
Đà River raised – the current was running slowly
From the upper river, waterfalls and whirlpools began
Yellow leaves were falling down in the heavy rains.
This afternoon why I called you: “Đà River!”
The sun united with the moon
We breathed with our young chests
A small white stork was flying slowly in a distance.