Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh
Thời kỳ: Hiện đại

Đăng bởi Phan Quốc Vũ vào 07/07/2023 07:16, đã sửa 1 lần, lần cuối bởi Phan Quốc Vũ vào 10/07/2023 10:42

Sonnet 07

Mellifluous love like flowers and moon
The old months with the pearls and diamonds
I - the youth of the ocean power soon
And the white waves of endless nice love monds

The smell of the moon, serendipity
A strong will getting drunk love with long dreams
I was like a green bird being happy
Until now, it’s memory of the streams

She a peach blossom, be longing for her
That luminary, it a noble love
Being green like mushrooms in the summer
The Vernal love’s a fragrant dreamy dove

Be novaturient mind, time like the robbers
From whom, the abundant youthful writers?

Tien Giang province, 2023