Pray to save the people of Vietnamese nation and me

Could you put me in the mouth of a lion?
My God, people hate me no less!
I do not have a hatred for people in my heart, if I am not happy, I move my star away from me
Satan is rubbing, beating and tormenting me day by day even when I pray
The figure of Satan looms at me, and the fangs threaten me
O God, Your four angels are always looking after me, and Your Spirit is in my midst of heart
Sometimes I was scared like a scared jackrabbit, and forgot that I had a great Father
You are the wall for me to hide, and the golden castle for me to spend the night
The towering Zion mountain makes me proud of
I am the son of Jehovah, the unchanging God, available One; existing One, and still existing so that
Your glory surrounded me completely
Please tie the hands of the villain and save them to return to the good path!
Bless for your peoples if they know that You are the Father
In a land that is rich, intellectually, so advanced, it is indispensable for Jesus to be the Savior
Have mercy on this small Vietnamese nation that has always been bullied by war
Merciful of yellow-skinned blood, black hair and affection!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise be to Your Majesty.