Now was the hour when voyagers at sea
         Pine to turn home and their hearts soften,
         This first day out, for friends they bid good-bye,
         The hour when outsetting pilgrims ache
5         With love to hear the far-off tolling bell
         That seems to mourn the dying day with tears,
         When I began to let my listening fade
         And gazed instead at one of the souls there
         Who had stood up and gestured to be heard.
10       He folded his hands in prayer and lifted them,
         With his eyes fastened on the east, as if
         Saying to God, "I care for nothing else!"
         "To You before the light is done" — devoutly
         Came from his lips with such melodious tones
15       That it ma

... Thì cứ say cho xa đừng phải nhớ.
Thì cứ điên cho đổ vỡ đừng buồn...