The sun by now sank down to the horizon
         And the highest point of the meridian
         Circle arched above Jerusalem,
         And night, circling on the opposite side,
5         Rose out of the Ganges with the Scales
         Which topple from her hand when she grows longer,
         So, where I was, Aurora’s rose-white cheeks
         For all her beauty were turning golden-orange,
         As if they changed with ever increasing age.
10       We were there yet, alongside the sea’s margin,
         Like people who reflect about their route,
         Moving in mind and standing still in body.
         And look! just as Mars in the early dawn
         Burns with a deep red glow through heavy mists
15       Low in the west above the ocean’s surface,
         So appeared to me (may I see it again!)
         A light coming across the sea so fast
         Nothing in flight could match its rapid motion.
         When for a moment I’d withdrawn my eyes
20       From the light to ask my guide a question,
         Again I saw it grow in size and brightness.
         Then there appeared to me on each of its sides
         A whitish blur, and t

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