You and I

You have got deeply sad features like the wind
That blew wandering through the worn-out time,
I have got far little melancholy like grass strip
That was hidden behind from burned sand to horizon…

When we turned round to see together in the moment
Wind crossed moor pitying parched grass at the edge of sky,
Only you know, the grass will be vast green,
Only you know on your own – the grass is me!

You may have got what to be very remote
Afflictions you didn’t talk all to me yet
The rain behind mountain scattered coming to be deep far
The path that you went, mist effaced your footprint…

The faces crossed the fog to grow young again
These were fresh like dew but indistinct like dew…
They might become the succubues in the legend
Might become the fairies in the human life.

I blinked… to expect in an deluding instant!?!
You still were inattentive, quiet like in religious contemplation…
If became water, would become source of transparent water,
Only I know on my own – that is you!